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good Sam safe ride memorial day weekend 2016

fireworks South Lake Tahoe 09/04/2016


Perry R. Obray- artist statement My photos and videos usually show what my existence entails. Mostly machines, nature and sports type subjects. The great outdoors and sports are huge at the Lake Tahoe Basin, where I moved to in 1983. Sometimes I make a documentary explaining an issue (in this case, an ecological tragedy), then offering a possible solution.
Digital generated media is convenient. There are many more options during editing.

My digital photos and videos tend to show an activity (when a landscape photo isnít involved) and the place of the activity without adding extra cues. Realism is the norm in my works, so the relatively simple composition using the rule of thirds in photos and non-surreal editing are more common. If the subject / experience involves movement, I use streaming video. If the situation is static, I use still photography.

Using multiple exposures with varying amounts of exposure, these multiple images are then rendered in the computer as one image. This gives a more human perspective (as our eyes see) to the non-moving subject, not the reproduction of a single acknowledgement in the camera with limited light reception capabilities. More detail in the dark and lighter portions of the photo are revealed in this technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR).

I superimpose text onto my photos without compromising the integrity of the subject. Adobe Photoshop gives this appearance a watermark type effect. I use this effect for e greetings. This is a very convenient way to send custom photos overlaid with phrases for holidays and other events.

When a subject (as in an auto) that can be dynamic, but isnít moving in the photo, I try to give the illusion of flowing forward to an open space. When there is action on a video, giving more open space to the direction of the activity gives a more fluid perspective of realistic mobility.

The ski and snowboard videos usually show above and beyond normal scenes for most people. The downhill mountain biking helmet mounted camera type video is somewhat similar to many people. They have been labeled crazy or rebel media.

I tend to use Facebook for smartphone generated media, my website ( uses higher functioning cameras and professional Adobe software.

P.O. box 7364, South Lake Tahoe, Ca., U.S.A.,96158

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